SEQULEX2 C system

Controller and stage type seismic isolation system with no.1 great track record in Japan and obvious reliability.


All-round seismic isolation system applicable to various types of piping, due to its wide setting range for received load. Proper seismic isolation joints with appropriate properties should be selected for placement depending on the diameter and type of fluid of the piping. C system, for which this property can be set broadly and at random, is suitable for this purpose.


Seismic isolation for foundation and quake-absorbing floors

Operating condition


Maximum working pressure: 1.0MPa
Operating temperature: 60 °C - 70 °C


Maximum working pressure: 1.4 - 2.8MPa
Operating temperature: 150 °C and less


PTFE resin

Maximum working pressure: 0.6 - 1.0MPa
Operating temperature: 100 °C and less

Applicable line


Water supply, sewage, waste water, rainwater, ventilation, cold & warm water, warm water, cold water, etc.


10K:Fire water, water supply, cold and warm water, cold water, etc.

PTFE resin

Hot water, high-temperature water, liquid medicine, etc.


20K:Fire water, water supply, oil, steam, cold and warm water, warm water, cold water, etc.

Nominal diameter

20A - 300A


Horizontal elastic function (long-span period)

Space saving (cost reduction)

Caster function

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