SEQULEX2 Fsystem

Seismic isolation joint for installing horizontal and slanted piping, which demonstrates excellent performance in large displacement and workability, etc. by means of a high-performance rubber material


Since this joint is mounted during the perpendicular, horizontal or slanted piping process, it has the great advantage of being space saving, as well as building cost reduction.


For drainage, storm sewage, drains, and pump-up drainage

Operating condition

Max. working pressure:0 - 0.3MPa (indicating max. working pressure of pump-up drainage)

Max. working temperature:CR 60 °C and less, EPDM(SK10) 70 °C and less.

Applicable line

Sewage, waste water, rainwater, ventilation

Nominal diameter

20A - 300A


Horizontal elastic function (long-span period)

Space saving (cost reduction)

Shape restoration capability

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