Flange type for plastic piping

The soft LC-Connector can be used for plastic pipes, such as vinyl chloride tubes (VP and VU).



•Displacement sorption for pipeline in soft ground
•Edge cutting for structure and piping
•Transverse pipelines over rivers, roads, and rail tracks
•For both ends of a water tube bridge
•Manhole removal
•Piping thermal expansion absorption
•Vibration absorption for pumps, etc.




Nominal diameter:15 - 1500

Eccentricity segmentationSegmentation of exposed/buriedWorking pressureMaximum working pressure:
For 100 mm eccentricity
For 200 mm eccentricity
For exposure
Negative pressure: disabled 
Medium 0.5{5.1}or less
High 1.0{10.2} or less
For burying
Negative pressure: -0.1 MPa
{-760 mmHg} 
Medium 0.5{5.1} or less
High 1.0{10.2} or less


Please contact us when using negative pressure under the high negative pressure conditions, such as the negative pressure close to 24 hours operation or full vacuum, or the pump has more start-stop frequency.

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