Clean = Pure
Virgin fluoropolymer material is free of any impurities or soluble substance such as stabilizers, antioxidants or carbon. It is considered as one of the most hygenic material.


Compact Design
A short face to face dimension enable compact design of the pipe.


Unique forming method enable an even & uniform thickness & shape of the bellows.



Negative pressure
Depending on operating temperature, it is able to be used up to minus 0.099MPa, (minus 750mmHg)





Operating Conditions and Performance



●Use after confirmation that the maximum operation pressure and maximum service temperature are within the operation range.








Dimensions and Allowable Movements


● Mass is the data when material is FCD,and flange is JIS10K flange.
● Use a joint within the range of allowable displacement.
● Fixing allowable dimension is included in allowable displacement
 (allowable displacement = fixing time displacement + operation displacement).
● Each displacement in chart are data of single displacement, so for multiple displacements,
is necessary .For correction method, refer to “Attention for handling or “TOZEN HP”.
● Referring to “fixing bolt dimension table” , and use fixing bolt. Nut is not necessary.
 (When companion flange is JIS10K, material is SS400,and when plain washer and gasket are not used.)





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