FLEXU-DRAIN 2arch / 3arch

 A joint reliance TOZEN


     Flexible Drainage Connector




Rubber Drainage Joint with Easy Installation
(for Both Above and Under Ground)



Outstanding Flexibility
Owing to the characteristic of the high quality rubber and bias reinforcement, a moderate length Flexi-Drain provides up to 50mm lateral displacement. This outstanding flexibility allows the Flexi-Drain to be the best choice in drainage and other low pressure system.
Underground Application
Incorporated with steel reinforcing rings enable Flexi-Drain buried underground up to 1.5 M. without deform or failure. Flexi-Drain eliminates
additional protection which is required by ordinary rubber joints.

Easy Installation
Flexi-Drain insert type end connection fixed by stainless steel hose clamp reduces installation cost and time. Flexi-Drain can be installed in series to provide greater displacement for critical application.



Owing To be used in most of the drainage, sewerage, or low pressure system to compensate the differential settlement and pipe expansion.
Working Pressure : 1 Kgf/cm2 or below
Working Temperature : -10°C to 60°C
Testing Pressure : 3 Kgf/cm2 (Max.)
Applicable Fluid : Water, Drainage, and Non-Corrosive Sewerage



Edge cutting of structure and piping, displacement sorption part of pipeline in soft ground, and storm drainage lines


Nominal diameter: 40A - 200A
Maximum working pressure: 0.1MPa(1.0kgf/cm²)
Operating temperature: -10℃ - 60℃
Expansion and compression eccentricity: 100mm




   Operating Conditions and Performance

Flexible Drainage Connector  FLEXI-DRAIN : Easy-to-mount rubber drainage joint (for both above and under-ground application)

 ● Check if maximum pressure and temperature are within the range of use.









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