A joint reliance TOZEN


    Rubber flexible joint Pipe or cylinder type


    A type of rubber flexible joint with excellent lateral displacement capacity.




Excellent deflection absorbance property
LINERFLEX has adequate flexibility for lateral and angular displacement, particularly suitable for water tank connection.

Designation of face-to-face dimension
Customized face-to-face dimensions are available upon request.

Small variation in dimension
Little variation in both axial and circumferential dimension when under pressure, so loading on equipment are reduced.

Operating conditions and performance


Eccentricity amount and structure type

Dimensions and allowable movement

Mass is the data when material is SS400, and flange is JIS10K flange.
Use a joint within the allowable displacement range.
The allowable installation dimension is included in the allowable displacement. (allowable displacement = installation displacement + operation displacement)
Each displacement in the chart are data of a single displacement, so for multiple displacements, correction is necessary.
Products other than those that conform to the MLIT specification are a made-to-order product.

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