A joint reliance TOZEN


    Flexible rubber joint Elbow type


    Rubber flexible joint with one edge longer elbow type. It is   designed for construction process.




Saving space and cost
Elbowflex, having both features of elbow and flexible joint, can offer you saving space and cost.

One edge longer elbow
Elbowflex (32A~150A) can be attached facing to the equipment with any side of longer or shorter elbow.

Made to order for large diameter
200A~450A are made to order. It can be arranged for the measurement based on workplace condition.

Pressure resistance
Elbowflex allows that maximum working pressure is up to 1.0MPa (10.2kgf/cm2), and negative pressure -0.099MPa (-750mmHg) by particular manufacture.
Deformation is designed to be minimum caused by inner pressure.
*Please contact us if negative pressure occurs.

Operating conditions and performance



Mass is the data when flange is JIS10K.
Please use within allowable displacement range.
The installation allowance is included in the allowable displacement.
(allowable displacement = installation displacement + operation displacement)
As shown in chart are data of non-concurrent displacement, please make correction for concurrent displacements.

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