PTH Series

The PT Hanger cuts the edge of piping from equipment or a frame, and is vital for vibration isolation.


• Optimal for suspension support

• Outstanding vibration isolation performance

• Highly effective vibration isolation

• Combined use increases effectiveness

• Double nut


Suspended support for piping, ducts, pumps, blowers, ventilators, HVAC equipment, package type air conditioners, fan coil units, etc.

Example of installation



Model Loading Range N(kgf)
PTH - 22S・22W 69~ 147( 7~15)
PTH - 30S・30W 98~ 441(10~45)
PTH - 40S・40W 294~ 883(30~90)
PTH - 50S・50W 686~1765(70~180)
PTH - 60S・60W 1373~2746(140~280)
PTH - 80S・80W 2157~4903(220~500)
PTH -100S・100W 3923~8336(400~850)
PTH-100hS・100hW 6865~12749(700~1300)
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